This update has been provided by AUSVEG Environment Coordinator Andy Shaw.

Run by and for vegetable growers, EnviroVeg is tackling the challenge of improving environmental, sustainable and regenerative practices on-farm and having those producers recognised for their good management of Australia’s land, water and other resources.

A national pilot program involving producers of all shapes and sizes is trialling methods and resources through EnviroVeg over 2019. These producers first work through a self-assessment, which automatically defines a report to highlight improvement areas and navigate the best-practice production resource the EnviroVeg manual. The EnviroVeg manual is a huge resource for the vegetable industry, bringing industry research, resources and good management information together.

Over 2019, EnviroVeg will be trialling hands-on training methods which build on the self-assessment results. These trial training methods include testing how to best engage producers with people who can help them achieve their goals, such as experts in relevant management practice areas and trainers who help producers achieve Freshcare environmental certification.

Once certified, producers can access the EnviroVeg logo and work with the program to achieve recognition for their good practices and hard work.

Meanwhile, a creative user-experience focused company has been engaged to further improve the main online resources of this project (the EnviroVeg manual and website) and make them even more effective in improving management practices and raising recognition for producers.

All of this will result in a user-friendly program that makes a real difference to the producers it serves.

Vegetable producers are encouraged to make the most of EnviroVeg and can apply for membership here.

For more information about EnviroVeg, you can visit its website. Get in touch with program staff via e-mail at or via phone on 03 9882 0277.

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