There are a range of mental health services available for Australians to access help at any time of day. A number of mental health resources are listed on the AUSVEG website, and profiles of these organisations will be featured in the AUSVEG Weekly Update.

Ok To Talk is a service which pairs individuals with psychologists, based on specific needs. With an extensive database of experienced psychologists Australia-wide, Ok To Talk ensures that location does not get in the way of seeking help, even offering psychologists who are able to undertake online treatment where distance may be an issue.

Ok To Talk also offers a number of online resources, such as blog posts and social media pages, to help those who are struggling between therapy sessions or who may not be ready to reach out for professional help just yet. Offering this information in a convenient online platform means people living in areas with limited resources are still able to easily gain access.

For more information on Ok To Talk, please see its website here.

If you require emergency assistance, please contact 000.