Product launches are a reason for everyone in agriculture to celebrate. For the company that has brought the product to market, it is the culmination of decades of research and development. For other companies in the market, it can bring relief when there is a new mode of action that may relieve pressure on their existing chemistry. For advisors and growers, having another tool in their arsenal is often critical.

The past few years has seen a string of new horticultural product launches from Syngenta. These are products that have been ground-breaking in isolation, impressive as a portfolio and surprising in their unusual fit for both southern and northern markets.

“In my many years in this industry, I have never seen so many products that provide northern horticulturalists with solutions as what we’ve been able to bring to market in the past few years,” Syngenta Portfolio Lead Peter Werbenec said.

“Usually, southern markets dominate the focus for research and then products or uses are retrofitted for the north. But our portfolio has been remarkable in providing solutions for all of Australia.”

Most recently, MIRAVIS® Prime fungicide was registered to control botrytis and Sclerotinia across a range of fruit and vegetable crops.

First sales happened in Victoria – but as the season warmed up, it became a solid solution for northern growers, with some remarkable results in both leafy vegetables and berries.

It followed the release of MINECTO® Forte insecticide in 2020, and ORONDIS® Flexi fungicide and PROCLAIM® Opti insecticide in 2019.

A fit in the north

MINECTO® Forte insecticide offers two active ingredients, providing a wide spectrum of defence against chewing and sucking insect pests.

“It has brought a new mode of action (Group 12A) to fruiting vegetable and cucurbit growers offering a much-needed new tool to manage resistant whiteflies and aphids as well as protection from mites and caterpillars,” Mr Werbenec said.

“This has been a huge benefit to growers in the north who have had several wet seasons, where pest pressure has been really challenging.

“Similarly, ORONDIS® Flexi – which has become a mainstay for vegetable growers in the south – has really surprised advisors this past season in the north.”

This is a fungicide that controls downy mildew and other diseases in leafy and bulb vegetables, brassicas and cucurbits.

“The level of protection provided through these wetter seasons up north has really brought ORONDIS® Flexi to the forefront of disease prevention programs,” Mr Werbenec said.

PROCLAIM® Opti is the new formulation of PROCLAIM®, the Lepidopteran specialist insecticide. With an optimised formulation to assist with mixing and application, this latest insecticide also has additional registrations for a suite of smaller horticultural crops.

Attendees at a Syngenta GrowMore event.

Upcoming products

With this string of new registrations, it may surprise some to learn of further pending registrations in 2022 and 2023 from Syngenta.

“In the next few months, we anticipate the release of MIRAVIS® Duo fungicide* to cucurbit, fruiting vegetable, root and tuber vegetables, celery and peanut growers. It is a dual mode of action, best-in-class fungicide that will have a great fit across Australia,” Mr Werbenec said.

“Later in the year, we hope to launch SIMODIS® insecticide* that will provide a robust new mode of action for control of key pests in brassicas, cucurbits, fruiting vegetables and onions. Following it in 2023 will be hopefully VANIVA® nematicide*.”

With a portfolio of solutions with a strong fit in northern crops, Syngenta is again hosting a GrowMore event in Queensland, after the success of the Bowen event in 2021.

“These events are the best way to learn about our new products, see them in action and challenge our team of specialists with your questions,” Mr Werbenec concluded.

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*MIRAVIS® Duo fungicide, SIMODIS® insecticide and VANIVA® nematicide are not registered. Applications have been submitted to the APVMA

®Registered trademark of a Syngenta Group Company


Cover image: Syngenta’s GrowMore events showcase the future of horticulture.