To ensure future sustainability and growth for Australia’s potato industry, it’s critical that producers continue to innovate to find responsive, modern and creative ways to meet consumer sustainability demands and expectations.

That’s according to Queensland vegetable grower and 2019 Nuffield Scholar Kerri-Ann Lamb, who with support from Hort Innovation investigated how potato growers across the globe are responding to the challenges of a changing industry.

Travelling across Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong and China, Kerri-Ann met with growers, packers, product manufacturers, private companies, government institutes, retail outlets and attended trade shows to investigate drivers, emerging trends and opportunities for the potato industry.

She identified five key factors that are driving change within the potato industry, including environmental concerns both for consumers and producers; evolving consumer behaviour and consumption patterns; industry and messaging; retail, and marketing strategies.

Click here to download Kerri-Ann’s new Nuffield report ‘Future growth for potatoes. Current and emerging trends as drivers to growth and innovation’.

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