New tour reports are available for the most recent overseas study missions carried out by the Australian vegetable industry!

These tours, known as leadership and development missions for the way they help participants with their personal and professional development, play a vital role in helping the Australian industry understand where we stand compared to our counterparts around the world.

By taking participants to innovative growing operations, processing facilities and other world-leading agribusinesses, the missions help growers consider how production practices in use overseas could be adopted in the Australian industry.

They’re also hugely important in strengthening networks within our own industry. Growers from around Australia come together to participate in these missions, with some participants travelling overseas for the first time in their lives as part of the tour, and the experiences and discoveries they make together help build personal and professional bonds.

In turn, these bonds help our industry continue to share knowledge and pursue best practice in vegetable production as we work together to tackle the challenges facing all Australian growers.

Three final reports covering four recent study tours are now available on the InfoVeg database: the 2018 USA Industry Leadership and Development Mission, the 2018 Women’s and Young Grower Industry Leadership and Development Missions, and the 2018 European Industry Leadership and Development Mission.

These reports from AUSVEG-led tours provide exhaustive recaps of everything and everywhere that tour participants saw during their time overseas, from the biggest carrot farms in the United States to grocery aisles in French supermarkets.

If you’re interested in learning more about international horticulture, take a look at the reports!

We’ve also previously written about these missions on our website – you can find these articles online here:

AUSVEG is also currently leading a leadership and development mission to Berlin Fruit Logistica. When that mission returns, we’ll have recap articles for you in the Weekly Update and in Vegetables Australia – until then, keep up with the group by checking out the Twitter account of participant Nicky Mann!

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