Come along to a Zucchini Variety Trials and Precision Ag Field Day, delivered by Greater Sydney Local Land Services as part of the Hort Innovation-funded VegNET – NSW project.

At the event, attendees will hear about:

  • Ace Ohlsson’s current zucchini variety trial and the importance of
    pollination. See more than 20 varieties from seven seed companies
    in one location.
  • Adoption of precision systems technologies in vegetable production
    by DAF QLD, covering crop sensing imagery, yield and soil
    monitoring to name a few.
  • Innovations such as the Agerris’ digital farmhand robot, XAG’s
    drones, Croplands ‘Weed it’, agnov8’s irrigation technology and

Details of the event are below:

Friday 6 December 2019 from 12 noon for lunch
Greater Sydney Local Land Services Demonstration Farm,
40 Edwards Road, Richmond Lowlands 2753

To RSVP or for more information, please contact Sylvia Jelinek on 0427 086 724 or email
Alternatively email

The event is delivered as part of VegNET, which is a strategic levy investment using the Hort Innovation Vegetable Fund. The event is organised by Greater Sydney Local Land Services.