In an increasingly connected world, it’s easier than ever for consumers to understand โ€“ and look for โ€“ the paddock-to-plate experience: knowing where the food they’re eating comes from, and knowing every stop it’s taken along the way.

For New South Wales potato grower Chris Gibbins, paddock-to-plate is more than a dining philosophy. Through the development and integration of three thriving businesses, Chris is able to grow, sell and transport his produce along the east coast of Australia, controlling every link in the supply chain.

Using his growing operation C&C Gibbins, wholesale company Tutti Frutti Wholesale in Coffs Harbour and truck and trailer company Gibbins Refrigerated Transport, Chris supplies potatoes and a full range of fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs to the east coast of Australia, including daily services to Brisbane and Sydney.

With full vertical integration, Chris can see and control his produce at every step, from his farming properties in Dorrigo to the restaurants, retailers, hospitals and nursing homes that use this produce every day.

We had a chat with Chris to learn more about his work developing a vertically integrated growing operation in the latest edition ofย Potatoes Australia magazine. You can learn more by taking a look at the August/September 2018 edition of Potatoes Australia (page 19 of the PDF, or page 36 of the hard copy).

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