The vegetable and potato industries have Emergency Plant Pest Response (EPPR) levies set at the rate of zero per cent for vegetables and zero cents per tonne for potatoes.

The EPPR levies provide a mechanism for the vegetable and fresh potato industries to fund preparedness and eradication activities to reduce the threat of exotic plant pests.

AUSVEG intends to request that the Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources:

  • increase the vegetable EPPR levy from zero per cent to a positive rate of 0.01 per cent of the value at the point of sale; and
  • increase the fresh potato EPPR levy from zero cents per tonne to a positive rate of 10 cents per tonne at the point of sale.

If successfully increased it is intended that funds accrued by the EPPR levies will contribute to paying costs relating to TPP eradication activities, and a 12 month Transition to Management program.

This will be cost shared at a ratio of 80:20 respectively between governments (the Federal government and all state governments) and affected industries that are signed to the Deed (Nurseries & Gardens, Processed Tomatoes, Vegetables, Potatoes), meaning:

  • the Federal government and all state governments are contributing 80 per cent of the total cost; and
  • affected industries (including vegetable and fresh potato) are contributing 20 per cent of the total cost.

While the T2M plan activities will be undertaken in Western Australia, it is important that vegetable and potato growers recognise the opportunity provided by undertaking T2M activities before the psyllid spreads to other states and territories. For more information on the current situation and the EPPR levies, go to

Objection survey

Growers who wish to lodge an objection to the increase to the EPPR levies can now access an online survey. Please click this link and follow the prompts – please remember to complete all of the questions.

Growers can also contact AUSVEG or the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources using the contact details below during the objection period.

Phone: (03) 9882 0277

Department of Agriculture and Water Resources – Levies
Phone: (02) 6272 2057

All objections will be reviewed and responded to.

This post appeared in the AUSVEG Weekly Updates published 27 February 2018, 20 February 2018, 14 February 2018 and 6 February 2018.