A new digital program funded by Hort Innovation is aiming to get Australian kids excited about eating vegetables, in an effort to improve the amount of children eating their recommended daily vegetable intake.

The ‘Phenomenom’ campaign, which is being funded using the vegetable industry research and development levy and contributes from the Australian government, is combining episodic videos with curriculum-aligned resources that are designed to integrate vegetables into existing classes for grades 3-6.

With only 5.4 per cent of Australian children eating their recommended daily serves of veggies, the program aims to encourage a shift in attitudes by helping kids learn more about veggies and get excited about eating them.

Celebrity champions will help Australian children understand the great things about veggies, from their great taste to how they can make you feel better, by making guest appearances alongside the cast of curious kids learning more about veggies.

The 25 episodes of the Phenomenom program will be released to a schedule of two videos per week over Terms 2 and 3 of the school calendar. You can take a look at the videos and learn more about the campaign on the Phenomenom website.

If you’re interested in the project itself, you can read more on the Hort Innovation website.

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