The Plant Biosecurity Cooperative Research Centre (or CRC) was established to deliver research that would help plant industries and the environment by protecting production, supporting and securing international trade and market access, and enhancing the reputation of Australia as a supplier of safe, green produce.

As the CRC comes to the end of its lifespan, it’s reflecting on the research it’s undertaken and some of the key topics and outcomes that it’s covered.

Most recently, it’s published articles on two major areas of its research: plant biosecurity diagnostics and plant biosecurity surveillance.

If you missed it the first time it was published, you can also go back and took a look at the CRC’s reflections on the management of past pest incursions, which looks at the lessons that can be learned from the response to pests like potato cyst nematode.

In a couple of weeks, the CRC will be hosting the National Science Exchange 2018, focusing on biosecurity built on science, for agriculture and the environment. This event will include a variety of plenary sessions, presentations from research teams, and open discussions and networking on plant biosecurity issues, making it a valuable event for anyone in the biosecurity space.

For more information on biosecurity activities in the Australian vegetable industry, visit the biosecurity section of our website.

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