There is increasing evidence to suggest that the altered environmental conditions caused by protective cropping environments can negatively impact crop plant physiology and reproduction, insect pollinators and the pollination services they provide.

This means that many growers are experiencing inadequate pollination resulting in lower yields and fruit quality than are achieved in open field conditions.

Using a multifaceted approach, the Rural R&D for Profit Novel technologies and practices for the optimisation of pollination within protected cropping environments (ST19000) collaborative research program will focus on the productivity and quality of pollination in protected cropping environments.

The aim is to understand the current impediments to adequate pollination, and improve these systems using advanced technology.

The project will focus on ensuring the adoption of R&D outcomes for horticultural growers and apiarists through developing cross-commodity best practise resources.

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This project is managed by Hort Innovation and supported by funding from the Australian Government’s Rural R&D for Profit program.