Each year, Nuffield Farming Scholarships Trust in the United Kingdom presents around 20 people with the opportunity to research topics of interest in farming, food, horticulture or rural industries.

In 2017, potato industry member Rufus Pilgrim was awarded a Nuffield Scholarship which allowed him to embark on a study tour with a focus on potato supply chains.

Sponsored by the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board Potatoes, Rufus explored a wide range of potato supply chains across the world, including the United States, Canada, South Africa, Kenya and northern Europe.

While this research took him to countries with varying levels of sophistication in their potato supply chains, Rufus’ study highlighted the overall benefits of improving communication and cooperation up and down the supply chain, particularly where retail markets are mature (such as in Australia and Britain).

Rufus says building good relationships within the supply chain can foster trust, and he urges stakeholders – including those in Australia – to think longer-term, and encourage the industry to invest and push forward.

We published a thorough look at Rufus’ industry research and his findings in the August/September 2018 edition of Potatoes Australia, so take a look to learn more about his findings that longer-term contracts and agreements can benefit all parties by reducing industry volatility.

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