VG15032 – Global Innovations in Horticulture Seminar commenced in December 2015 and encompassed three seminars from 2015-2018, all named the Global Innovations in Horticulture Seminar. The project focused on developing and running outcome-oriented seminars of high value to the vegetable industry. The project involved the coordination and execution of a one-day seminar, designed to increase the understanding of up to 150 levy-paying vegetable growers regarding innovations in agriculture that are research or technology based and currently or soon to be available.

Throughout the project, the feedback from the Australian vegetable growers who attended the seminars was highly positive. This confirmed a need for there to be a consistent knowledge stream regarding vegetable production innovation. This feedback also shows there is an increasing desire for more seminars which provide this information.

This year, the Annual Vegetable Industry Seminar will bring new and exciting innovations to attendees. The event will be held on Monday 24 June at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre alongside Hort Connections 2019. A small number of funded positions are still available for vegetable levy-paying growers to attend this event! For more information, please click here.

The final report for the Global Innovations in Horticulture Seminar is now available on the InfoVeg Database.