Global leader in supply chain integrity and provenance science, Source Certain, studies the relationship between a product and its environment using a number of scientific methods.

Source Certain uses a forensic provenance technology called TSW Trace™ to identify the elements and isotopes present in that product and create a fingerprint unique to it and its matching location.


Its technology can verify product provenance to an unparalleled level of precision, allowing the company to distinguish between two neighbouring orchards, different kimberlite pipes within a single mine or a cage egg shed and the free-range field next door.

From seafood, eggs and dairy, to diamonds, metals and minerals, a unique chemical relationship exists between all products and their environment.


Elements, the same ones as in the periodic table, are absorbed into any product grown in a field, born in the seas or forged within the Earth’s crust and their unique combination is influenced by factors like geographical location and farming methods. The composition of these elements is entirely individual to the product and its provenance; the very specific place of its origin.

When a product is commercialised and enters the supply chain, the fingerprint Source Certain has created can be referenced at any time to scientifically verify the location of that product’s provenance. This is especially important for products carrying value-based claims or certifications, like ‘organic’ or ‘sustainably farmed’.


These claims are generally delivered at the product’s source of origin and in order to verify these claims further down the supply chain when they appear on product packaging, you first need to verify the product’s origin. Scientifically analysing the chemical elements present in the product itself is a definitive way to prove authenticity and origin claims.

Commitment to certifications and best practices usually require long term operational changes and significant financial investment from producers. However, the reward is the conversion of a commodity into a high-quality premium product that attracts a higher price and loyal customer base.


Enlisting scientific technology to verify these claims is an assurance to downstream buyers and end customers that the products they are purchasing have the means to be scientifically authenticated to a standard that packaging and labelling cannot offer alone.

While other service providers can identify the country or region of origin of a product, Source Certain has developed methods to intentionally pinpoint the location of origin down to a farm, fishery, pond or plantation as the discrete source of production is what makes your product unique.


Source Certain designs provenance verification programs using TSW Trace™ for producers, wholesalers, retailers and industry bodies.

Its technology can be integrated with complementing traceability systems, whether they are digital or paper based, to provide more visibility over a product’s journey from the producer to the consumer.


For more information, head to the Source Certain website.