Good Fruit & Vegetables journalist Ashley Walmsley has spent the last two and a half weeks in Peru, gathering stories from the International Potato Centre and attending the 10th World Potato Congress.

As part of his trip, Ashley has filed The Spud Diaries – dispatches from his trip that give a great look at how potatoes are treated in their native land, including their cultural significance and the research being done to support better production.

These posts offer revealing insights into the role potatoes play in overseas agriculture and the work being done to make sure that research results in practical, on-farm results.

Take a look at the full series of dispatches below:

  1. Welcome Aboard
  2. Getting There
  3. Still Getting There
  4. In Flight
  5. Lost in Transit
  6. Settling In with Plaque Build Up
  7. The Power of Potatoes
  8. Potatorama
  9. A Slight Detour
  10. New Food and Friends
  11. A Miraflores Stroll
  12. Let’s Go Cusco
  13. Church and Cheering
  14. The Top Spud Comes to Town
  15. Down Streets and Over Squeaky Floors
  16. A Taste of ‘Straya
  17. Embracing the World Game
  18. The Talented Señor Martinez
  19. Defending the Reef
  20. A Cooee for Cuy
  21. The Potato Park
  22. One Last Gutful
  23. The Journey Home

Ashley’s time in Peru was funded through The Crawford Fund, a not-for-profit organisation that focuses on mobilising support for international agricultural research, with the intention of sustaining funding for international agricultural research into the future. His trip is just one of many study tours by journalists that the Fund has supported to learn and report on valuable international research.

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