Despite COVID-19 impacting the traditional delivery of the industry-funded East Gippsland Vegetable Innovation Days (EGVID), the popular event will still be attended in Lindenow from 5-7 May — not literally, but virtually.

EGVID’s organising committee, in collaboration with a supportive group of sponsors and industry bodies, are busy building a digital engagement plan to ensure the event’s data, insights and learnings will not be lost.

With long-and-short cycle vegetable crops growing beautifully and all agricultural chemical and fertiliser trials established, people from across the country will be treated with a virtual experience of the expansive in-field grow site, through the creation of videos, webinars and live streaming.

The award-winning event is regarded as one of the best of its kind for showcasing innovative practices, sharing new trends and networking. Although the networking will take on a different vibe in 2020, the industry will still be able to connect with the seed and ag-chem trials.

The significant online program will showcase collaborations with key industry stakeholders to highlight innovation, food security, collaboration, sustainability, future farmers and well-being.

Nothing can replace the impact of walking on-site, touching the crops at their peak and talking face-to-face. However, by hosting a wide range of content online, the trials will still deliver significant benefits to the industry.

Additionally, the engagement strategy could very well set a new benchmark for field days to create evergreen content to be used as a valuable resource long after the grow site is finished.

For more information, visit the Food and Fibre Gippsland website and keep up-to-date on the EGVID Facebook and @EGVID2020 Twitter pages and for live crosses on the days.