Growing a Career in Horticulture

A Career Booklet for the Horticulture Industry

Australia’s horticulture industry is going from strength to strength, with a 2020/21 production value exceeding $15.2 billion. The industry is broad and contains a range of products such as fruit, nuts, vegetables, nursery, turf, and cut flowers.

Horticulture is a keystone in Australia’s economy. People will always need to eat fresh produce so there will always be the need for a prosperous industry. With an increasing population to feed, the horticulture industry is continuously innovating and expanding, making it an exciting and satisfying career with strong upward progression.

There is a common misperception that careers in horticulture only involve harvesting crops. But there is a whole range of careers across the horticulture supply chain that require talented, innovative, and progressive minds to continue to push the industry forward. Careers such as entomologists, irrigation designers, mechanical engineers, and agricultural technicians.

All the careers in this booklet are in high demand and can offer onsite training, the only thing left to do is begin!

AUSVEG is excited to share this resource with Industry and the wider community to entice young people into horticulture.

Please feel free to download and print copies of the career booklet and flyer and share with your mates!