Luke Carter

Corrigan’s Produce Farms, VIC

HILA Employment Category: Production Horticulture Supervisor

Before crops have even been planted, Production Supervisors like Luke Carter are busy planning for the season. At Corrigan’s Produce Farms, there is a plethora of produce being planted and harvested all year-round. Spanning over 250 hectares over multiple farms in Melbourne’s south-east, Corrigan’s Produce Farms boasts a deep sandy loam of soils, mild weather conditions and access to water on its farms – perfect for growing its quality produce including, leeks, celery, kale, baby cos lettuce, onions, celeriac and pak choy. This amount of produce provides a full-time schedule, meaning the production teams are working all year round. Apart from overseeing the packing shed and logistics, Luke often works in the fields monitoring soil and plant health to ensure nutrition and irrigation needs are met. As a supervisor, Luke oversees the proper operation and maintenance of equipment whilst conducting regular safety and quality checks.

Core tasks

  • Ensure scheduled crops for intended harvest have passed the withholding period
  • Ensure that all specialised harvest equipment is maintained
  • Ensure correct harvest to suit conditions of crop, soil moisture and variety to minimize any mechanical damage
  • Liaise with Farm Operation Manager / Shed Production Manager / Maintenance Supervisor
  • Ensure quality of harvest throughout harvest period to minimize damage.
  • Identify and report unusual disease or plant pest signs
  • Transport and store chemicals
  • Prepare and apply chemicals to control pest, weeds and diseases
  • Implement a post-harvest program
  • Establish horticultural crops
  • Carry out emergency disease or plant pest control procedures at infected premises
  • Operate chemical application machinery and equipment
  • Coordinate work site activities
  • Perform shed nursery activities
  • Regulate crops.

Study pathways

  • ACH10216- Certificate I in AgriFood Operations
  • ACH20320- Certificate II in Production Horticulture
  • ACH31120- Certificate III in Nursery Operations
  • ACH30620- Certificate III in Production Horticulture
  • ACH33416- Certificate III in Seed Production

Training Recommended

  • Chemical Certificate.
  • Forklift License.
  • Health and Safety.
  • Crop Production Courses.