Maddy Quirk


HILA Employment Category: Biosecurity Officer

Biosecurity is an important role in protecting Australian produce from exotic or local plant pests and disease. Whilst Australian Border control helps to prevent the incoming of many foreign pest and disease, it is important that Biosecurity Officers like Maddy can help to identify and contain outbreaks when they do occur. Maddy provides information on general pest and disease, to help farmers identify, prevent, and eradicate threats. She travels regularly interstate to inspect produce and engage with growers, including Anthony De Ieso at Thorndon Park Produce in South Australia.

Core tasks

  • Inspecting animals, plants, and agricultural produce to identify product quality issues, and providing advice to producers
  • Auditing and monitoring quality procedures at farms and food handling and processing facilities to ensure compliance with required standards
  • Testing samples of produce for quality, size, and purity
  • Ensuring that required standards of hygiene are observed at storage, processing and packing facilities and in transport vehicles
  • Advising primary producers on economic aspects of disease eradication and informing producers and the public of the health implications of diseases and impurities
  • Advising on the identification of pests and diseases and on regulations pertaining to grading, packing, and loading of products
  • Patrolling and investigating waterways for unlawful fishing activities and the removal of protected marine life
  • May initiate or assist in legal action to enforce regulations
  • Inspecting import and export documentation
  • Understanding of biosecurity protocols.

Study pathways

  • PUA30919- Certificate III in Public Safety (Biosecurity Emergency Response Operations)
  • PUA40419- Certificate IV in Public Safety (Biosecurity Emergency Response Leadership)
  • PUA50219- Diploma of Public Safety (Biosecurity Emergency Response Management)

Training Recommended

  • Driver’s licence