Jasmine Anderson

Ladycroft Orchards, WA

HILA Employment Category: Section Supervisor

A section supervisor in horticulture ensures that crop treatments are carried out as per established procedures, and operators are trained to discharge their respective duties. Jasmine Anderson works as a Section Supervisor at Ladycroft Orchards in Manjimup, Western Australia which produces 1,500 tonnes of pome fruit per year. She co-supervises a crew of 15 seasonal workers from Vanuatu. She helps oversee pruning, trimming, picking, tree training, and more. In a role like hers, Jasmine must have excellent communication skills to ensure tasks are being completed correctly by the workers – who often speak many different languages. Her job sees her work mostly outside and she loves tree training.

Core tasks

  • Liaise with Agronomist / Agricultural Technician / Farm Operation Manager regarding crop treatments.
  • Liaise with maintenance division regarding maintenance of plant and equipment
  • Ensure all methods of crop treatments are done as per standard procedures.
  • Pre-plant, fertiliser application, broadcasting of fertiliser and boom spraying of chemicals.
  • Ensure the weather conditions are suitable to perform the required task to achieve the best efficacy.
  • Liaise with Agronomist regarding scheduling of all crop water requirements.
  • Monitor operations in garden growing to ensure work quality.
  • Manage stock of fertilisers and chemicals.

Study pathways

  • Production Horticulture Supervisor Skill Set – AHCSS00067
  • Production Horticulture Administration Supervisor Skill Set – AHCSS00064
  • Workplace supervisor – TAESS00006
  • Diploma of Horticulture – AHC50416
  • Certificate III in Horticulture – AHC30716

Training Recommended

  • Forklift licence