Andrew Creighton

Boomaroo Nurseries, QLD

HILA Employment Category: Nursery Supervisor

Located within South-east Queensland’s prime agricultural hub, Boomaroo Nurseries’ Southbrook facility is the most advanced and efficient vegetable seedling nursery in the Southern Hemisphere.

The newly constructed facility boasts world-leading and energy-efficient plant handling systems, state-of-the-art germination chambers and 28,000sqm of specialist automated growing area designed to deliver a total plant output of 100 million seedlings per year. As Senior Nursery Person, Andrew Creighton is responsible for everything from the seed being germinated through to dispatch. His position involves propagating and cultivating or growing of plants in a production horticulture environment, utilising the latest innovations and technologies in vegetable seedling and Greenlife production. His work can involve a variety of activities involving plant nursery propagation, cultivation, irrigation and growing of plants in outdoor and indoor settings.

Core tasks

  • Order seed, fertiliser and chemicals and select seeds based on weather and soil conditions and yield.
  • Prepare growing media and suitable trays, pots and containers.
  • Manage the propagation and planting operation.
  • Maintain sufficient stocks of plant foods and fertilisers.
  • Implement appropriate pesticide and weedicide programs.
  • Coordinate nursery work teams.
  • Manage transport and logistics for delivery of sales stock.
  • Ensure relevant nursery equipment is maintained.
  • Maintain good plant health and manage disease, biosecurity risks and the irrigation of crops.
  • Sample and interpret soil conditions and compost.
  • Provide advice on plant and seed varieties to customers.
  • Maintain soil, hydroponic, plant, treatment and yield records.

Study pathways

  • Diploma of Nursery Management – AHC50820
  • Diploma of Production Nursery Management – AHC50816
  • Certificate III in Nursery Operations – AHC31120
  • Certificate III in Production Nursery – AHC31116
  • Certificate IV in Nursery Operations – AHC40620
  • Certificate III in Retail Nursery – AHC31216

Training Recommended

  • Chemical certificate
  • Forklift licence