The Gap Analysis report is a review of all production related R&D funded through the HAL (now HIA) mechanism over the past two decades and has revealed that whilst research has generally been of a high calibre it has often suffered from poor outcomes with limited or no adoption/uptake by industry. This Gap Analysis is primarily focussed on the APRP2 Program but has also considered the broader research portfolio which covers production/agronomy etc. As part of this analysis some systemic issues in the general R&D formulation process were identified and a mechanism is proposed to address these issues. This mechanism is envisaged as being of broader application across the HIA R&D portfolio. Several sub-sets of recommendations are provided; • General Recommendations that cover activities that need to be enacted across the Potato R&D portfolio and many may also apply to other areas within HIA • Areas for continued Research and Investment and suggested timelines 4 • Areas where if further investment is proposed far greater rigour needs to be exercised • Areas where no investment is warranted at this stage Whilst many recommendations are made from a technical perspective it is acknowledged that the ultimate determination of investment rests with the Group charged with that responsibility. This report is to help inform that process.