The national industry development has been delivered under the Vegetable Industry Development Program (VIDP) for the last three years. Through this program vegetablesWA has successfully delivered extension and communication services to assist with the uptake of research and development findings as a Collaborative Industry Association. The project in Western Australia (WA) has: – Linked growers with national Research and Development (R&D) providers, agronomists, field officers, Department of Agriculture and Food WA (DAFWA), and other industry providers; – Improved awareness of national R&D programs and assisted growers to incorporate the results into their business and growing practices; and – Provided feedback to HAL about program performance and future industry development needs. The project communicated with growers and industry through partially funding a full-time Field Extension Officer, the quarterly WA Grower magazine, fortnightly E-News, phone calls, faxes, mail outs and the vegetablesWA website. The project provided for the translation of many VIDP materials into Vietnamese, who form a significant portion of the WA growing community. These efforts were underpinned by ongoing work with good practice demonstration sites, partnerships with other industry service providers and a comprehensive database. The other funding contributor to the project was the WA Agricultural Produce Commission Vegetable Producers Committee. Feedback about the results of this industry service has been overwhelmingly positive. Effective communication and R&D extension is crucial to developing the Western Australian vegetable industry so that it is cohesive, market focused, a producer of quality produce, profitable, environmentally responsible, and positioned as a serious competitor in the global food industry.