This project was about delivering and supporting the Vegetable Industry Development Program (VIDP) to industry & growers. This was done through communicating the VIDP sub program products, relaying new and innovative methods as well as delivering VIDP products and services. Other key aspects were to gather industry feedback for R&D priorities and encourage people to register on the Ausveg website to access the latest in R&D information. Through conducting market focused and competitive business practical activities and useful information the project was able to deliver effective industry development outcomes and information packages to vegetable growers at a state and regional level. As a result of this program there has been:- – an increased awareness of R&D outcomes – more growers actively looking to change their market focus and business models to better meet day to day challenges – increased capacity within state based industry organisations to develop & deliver education and training services to growers Growcom believes that the continued support of these key components will improve grower’s business models & keep industry informed as to what needs to be delivered. Without such programs, the line of communication breaks down and the target audience fails to benefit from such information.