This project was an extension of project VG12078.

Project Harvest aimed to identify opportunities for Australia’s vegetable industry through identifying trends in purchase and consumption, in perceptions of value, retail channel preferences, triggers and barriers, needs, preparation and consumption occasions.

A total of 44 monthly reports were produced by the completion of the program. Over that time, major findings included the rise of Coles over Woolworths as a preferred channel for fresh; a positive but consistent level of satisfaction with fresh produce; the rise (e.g. cauliflower, beetroot) and fall (e.g. kale) of various commodities as fads swept through; and no substantial change in relation to the volume of vegetables consumed – unfortunately this is still substantially lower than the recommended amount.

This research report provides a detailed look at the project’s methodology and evaluates some of the core findings and trends over the life of the project. The monthly Project Harvest reports delivered from this project are available on the InfoVeg consumer research page.