Engagement with key stakeholder groups (including growers, industry associations, grower associations, wholesalers/markets, retailers, educators, public and community health groups, food writers and chefs) was integral to the projects’ success. The information in the website (www.veggycation.com.au) is based on pre-approved nutrition and health claims from Food Standards Australia & New Zealand (FSANZ) Standard 1.2.7, and nutritional data from the Australian Nutrient Tables (NUTTAB). The Veggycation® team translated pre-approved FSANZ nutrition and health claims into ‘Health Benefits’ language. We discovered that this ensured that information was more easily understood by all, from the growers to the consumers. A database (searchable by vegetable, by nutrient and by health benefit),can be accessed from the web portal: guidelines for using the information are provided in a range of different formats (including a ‘HOW TO GUIDE’, Case Studies for root, fruit and leafy vegetables, standardised Nutrient Information Panels (NIPs), images of whole vegetables and serving size amounts, posters suitable for application in health and education) plus nine health benefit icons are freely available to the fresh vegetable sector for marketing their vegetable foods. Veggycation has increased Australian consumer awareness of the health benefits that vegetables offer and this is expected to translate to increased consumption of Australian-grown vegetables. The primary step was to engage key stakeholder groups in order to develop a shared nutrition and health language. Veggycation® provides information and tools that vegetable growers and marketers can use to promote their vegetables.