The 2020 East Gippsland Vegetable Innovation Days was huge undertaking for the EGVID committee to organise, facilitate and coordinate due to the extensive scope of the week-long event, doubling the size of the 2017 event. The 2020 event was greatly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic restricting travel movements and gatherings, as such the EGVID committee was able to diversify and extract value from the existing trial plots and arranged speakers by capturing this information in video format.

This project supported the event through the production of 25 videos capturing footage and audio of the site, varietal, agricultural chemical, fertiliser, covercrop and biostimulant trials. These videos have been made freely available to the Australian Vegetable industry, provided to Hort Innovation and AUSVEG is hosting these videos on the purposely built website (

These videos provide a valuable lasting legacy of the EGVID 2020 event for growers and whole of industry to use as a point of reference into the future.