This report uses economic modelling to analyse the Australian vegetable growing industry. It quantifies the key drivers of the vegetable growing industry as well as its linkages to other industries, including vegetable processing. This report, which was commissioned by Horticulture Innovation Australia Limited (HIA Ltd), places a particular emphasis on those parts of the vegetable growing industry that are subject to either the vegetable levy or the potato levy (“levied vegetables”) rather than other vegetables (“nonlevied vegetables”), some of which are subject to a different levy. According to the ABS, the gross value of vegetable production in 2012-13 was $3.8 billion. This was divided into $2.6 billion of levied vegetables and $1.2 billion of non-levied vegetables. For individual vegetables with annual production of over $100 million, potatoes, lettuce, carrots, beans, capsicums and broccoli are levied vegetables, while tomatoes, mushrooms, onions and melons are non-levied vegetables.