ABARES was commissioned by Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL) to conduct annual surveys of vegetable growing farms in order to develop a time series of data. The main objective of the project was to collect and disseminate representative data on the economic structure and financial performance of the Australian vegetable growing industry to assist industry stakeholders in developing plans for the long term direction of the industry. Six surveys have now been undertaken covering the years from 2005–06 to 2011–12 with funding from HAL. This unique dataset provides a comprehensive time series of production and financial performance data, production intentions and issues of concern to Australian vegetable growing farms. This dataset has been used for informing industry and government about a range of issues facing the vegetable industry. Annual summaries of results are published as part of ABARES Industry Report series. Each report includes a descriptive analysis of key results and trends as well as tables of data by commodity and state. The last two reports were published in 2011 and 2012. The most recent survey data collection was completed in September 2013 and a draft final report was recently provided to HAL for comment. Results from the surveys have been widely used to inform industry and government on issues affecting the financial performance of Australian vegetable growing farms. In addition, co-operators’ reports are provided to each survey participant to enable them to compare their farm performance against other farms in the region. For future surveys, ABARES has proposed to revise the survey methodology to specifically report on the performance of vegetable growing farms that produce vegetables covered under the National Vegetable Levy. As the time series extends, there will also be scope to provide some additional analysis on productivity.