The Hort Innovation Strategy 2019-2023 calls for an emphasis and increased focus on delivering extension that truly impacts on business decisions and enhances practices on farm. Hort Innovation is currently finalizing its Extension and Adoption (E&A) Framework which sets out the approach it will take to maximise the impact of research, development and marketing investments. Coutts J&R in association with and Rural Consulting Group and Neels Botha Consulting were contracted to scope the extension needs of the vegetable industry and develop and extension strategy and associated implementation plan by October 31st 2019. This strategy draws upon the following activities completed through the consultancy:

• A review of recent extension investments, reports, and documents relevant to the vegetable industry
• 14 interviews with informed persons in the vegetable industry
• 12 regional workshops with stakeholders (140) in the Vegetable industry
• A literature review of contemporary approaches to agricultural extension globally
• A national workshop of key stakeholders