Currently market price reporting in Australian produce markets involves the collection of price information through in-person interviews with wholesalers and buyers, with daily reports produced and distributed to paid subscribers. This method has remained virtually unchanged for many years, despite the emergence of new technology.

This study explores the feasibility of alternative methodologies for the collection of market price information relating the Australian vegetable industry. The study reviews the current system well as other systems used in both international horticultural markets or other Australian agricultural commodity markets.

The study identifies the following alternative data collection options, which are evaluated in terms of feasibility:

  1. Third person cloud-based data collection and sharing
  2. First person cloud-based data collection and sharing
  3. Accessing data from credit services
  4. Accessing data from accounting software
  5. Strengthening current system

The results do not identify a clearly feasible method of obtaining accurate price data, therefore the study provides a pathway for strengthening the current system.