Growing Leaders 2012 – National Vegetable Industry Leadership Program successfully completed its third and final year of delivery under current funding arrangements. The program has now concluded with applications being currently sought by the funders to continue the program for another three years as part of the industry’s new funding call. This final report details the methods and outcomes from the 2012 program. Growing Leaders (GL) 2012 objectives were to: – Develop the leadership capability of the vegetable industry; – Ensure individuals from a broad cross section of industry were encouraged and supported to develop their leadership potential and; – Encourage cross-sectoral understanding within the vegetable industry. The program was required to meet the following targets: – 12+ graduates of a national vegetable industry leadership course – Growing Leaders 2012, – Minimum of 80% to complete Growing Leaders 2012, and – The learning activities and outcomes that support graduates to seek formal assessment through a registered training provider against accredited outcomes. Fourteen participants (12 men, two women) from across the industry value chain participated in, and all successfully graduated from, the GL 2012 program. This represented a 17% over-delivery by the project manager. The participants were reflective of the whole industry and were an intelligent and engaged group, willing to take on new ideas and be challenged. In addition a participant from GL 2011 completed requirements for his successful graduation due to being unable to attend the final residential last year. Program evaluation found that the participants and stakeholders consulted identified that the Growing Leaders program achieved significant outcomes for participants, their businesses and the industry. They spoke very highly of the program, were extremely supportive of it and believed that it was a key strategic program for the industry’s future development and leadership succession planning. They identified that the skills gained by participating in this industry leadership program were different to the skills industry personnel develop in their businesses. Program outcomes were perceived to have been delivered at multi-faceted levels of personal, business and industry.