Horticulture Australia in response to grower concerns has been investigating the issue of pesticide labelling, i.e., their ease of use or lack thereof. Pesticide labels are an important part of farm management as they are meant to communicate too and inform users on how to use pesticides safely and efficaciously. US and European research has identified lack of clarity as a significant problem with regard to user understanding of pesticide labels. No specific Australian research has been carried out in this area and it is proposed that government undertake such work. This report discusses the existing APVMA initiatives designed to improve the effectiveness of pesticide labels. It is believed that there needs to be a greater focus by regulators on the provision of better information to farmers. Finally, the report presents a number of recommendations related to enhanced pesticide labelling. These include the undertaking of local research to specifically identify areas of greatest concern and the development, through consultation, of a strategy to initiate development.