Two long term productivity trials were established at the DAF Gatton research Facility over the course of this project. The trials investigated the value of rootstocks, varieties, ratooning and shading. A formal literature review of plant material, production techniques and technological advances in capsicum and chilli was undertaken as a first step in determining the project work program.

In trial number one at Gatton, all five graft treatments were based on the commercial variety Warlock as the scion. The rootstock treatments evaluated were; Warlock self-grafted (to evaluate grafting impact), non-grafted Warlock, a commercial chilli line Caysan known for its resilience under a range of conditions, a newly released commercial capsicum rootstock Capsifort and Wild Malay Eggplant (WME). Three other varieties, a new variety SV6947 and two older heirloom lines were included in planting 1. The new Monsanto variety SV6947 produced the highest total marketable yield – though this yield was only significantly higher than the chilli graft (Caysan) and the two older varieties, Yolo Wonder and Green Giant. The new variety SV6947 displayed a beneficial, more uniform flowering and fruit position pattern within the plant.