The InnoVeg subprogram aimed to deliver a more profitable, sustainable and internationally competitive vegetable industry due to higher adoption of innovative technologies and improved collaboration by growers. The implementation phase included: 1. Development of packages of information to support growers on issues including: Business (Talking Business) and Consumers and markets The Talking Business suite of products initiated a change in culture and approach towards business decision-making within the vegetable industry. InnoVeg contributed to providing foundational information on marketing and supply chains and enabled the development of two accredited training programs. 2. Communication through the InnoVeg providers network and other avenues InnoVeg provided a conduit for knowledge by working with industry via service providers, state organisations and growers and developing key information products. 3. Information and capacity building for Language Other Than English (LOTE) growers The LOTE activities in NT and NSW filled an industry need and therefore generated a significant amount of grower enthusiasm and involvement. Participants in the Community of Practice benefited from improved communication and collaboration on LOTE specific issues. 4. Leadership development via the vegetable Graduate Alumni Industry Network (GAIN). GAIN provided industry leadership graduates with an opportunity to continue their leadership journey and identified the enthusiasm of participants to contribute to the industry. It is critical that the lessons from InnoVeg are utilised in the implementation of the new Strategic Investment Plan through: – Continuation of the business management and consumers and markets packages and promotion of existing resources (e.g. ‘Talking Business’ materials) – Continued use and development of information that is relevant to an individual grower and the industry more broadly (e.g. access to Fact Sheets via website) – Maintaining and building on the relationships that have been established with researchers, service providers, industry support staff (e.g. support for CIOs) and growers and ensuring continued communication (e.g. InnoVeg e-newsletter) – Focusing on the diverse grower audiences and targeting extension programs that meet their needs (e.g. support for existing grower groups) – Facilitating continued collaboration between individuals with common interests (e.g. industry leaders (GAIN) and LOTE support staff).