The objective of this study was to complete an analysis of the fresh carrot and sweet corn markets in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Malaysia; identify and profile relevant supply chain participants that would assist growers to develop export trade networks; and prepare an R&D investment plan. Carrots dominate leviable vegetable exports, contributing 75% ($52.4million) of the total export value (2012). Previous studies have indicated that sweet corn exports could have additional potential. The study has been completed with the strongest possible grower focus – seventeen significant carrot grower / packer / exporters and nine sweet corn grower / packers were contacted prior to project commencement, their views on study parameters sought and a representative sample selected and funded to participate in ‘in-country’ market research. This approach yielded the best possible results – growers were able to converse directly with supply chain partners and provide an initial ‘on-the-spot’ assessment of whether there was commercial opportunity. Encouragingly opportunity to grow the export market for carrots and sweet corn was identified in the UAE and additional commercial opportunity was also identified for carrots in Malaysia. The Three Year Market Development Investment Plan for Carrots UAE and Malaysia was developed after desk based analysis, field investigations, long listing of investment options and return on investment (ROI) analysis.