Australian horticulture is often restricted in its production due to the limitations imposed by a whole range of factors, including diseases, growth habits, insects, rodents and weeds (plant pests). Access to appropriate pesticides is adequate in some crops, but limited in others. This only adds to the difficulty in managing plant pest issues, especially in “minor” crops. This project was conducted from July 2007 to June 2010 to assist horticultural industries gain access to necessary for sustainable production. It critically assessed the pesticide uses and requirements of horticultural industries, developed a systematic approach to facilitate access to minor use permits across all horticulture industries, managed research projects to gather data to support permit requests, received quicker permit approvals for horticultural industries through the APVMA, worked with international minor-use agencies and agrichemical companies to pursue new and innovative pest management strategies, and conducted a strategic agrichemical review process plan for future pesticide requirements.