Project VG13096 – Minor Use and Agronomy Coordinator – Minor Use Priorities and Awareness Program was designed to employ a Minor Use and Agronomy Coordinator to undertake a range of engagement and communication activities that would increase knowledge, awareness and involvement in the minor use system for the vegetable industry. VG13096 ran from 2 May 2014 to 15 November 2016. It involved engagement and consultation primarily with members of the vegetable industry (specifically vegetable growers), relevant personnel at Horticulture Innovation Australia Ltd. (Hort Innovation), as well as permit holders (Growcom), the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR), and other relevant stakeholders, such as entomologists, agronomists and chemical registrants. The MUAC was be tasked with establishing a process for prioritising the industry’s minor use requirements and was largely responsible for engaging with growers from all major growing regions of Australia, on all relevant minor use issues, and subsequently communicating this information to the organisation responsible for submitting and managing applications under the minor use permit system.