This project, which was completed during 2020, expanded the number of Phenomenom resources available by adding a module that educates children, parents and teachers on the beneficial mood effects of a diet and lifestyle encompassing horticulture products.

The package includes:

  • A fully animated video episode called a ‘webisode’ (voiced by comedian Matt Okine and Little Lunch star Madison Lu) with a specially composed song
  • Three animated ‘Nomcast’ audio podcast episodes
  • Four PDF resources including lesson plans designed for teachers to pick up and run within the classroom or set for the remote learning environment
  • Posters, classroom prompt cards and quiz questions designed for the Kahoot platform
  • A Good Mood Moves wheel encourages teachers to provide regular classroom mood breaks, using movement in line with current research to help boost engagement. It features a specially designed interactive wheel that gamifies fruit and vegetables into exercises that children benefit from doing regularly.

Visit the Phenomenom website to access all the resources that educate kids about vegetables, including The Good Mood Food special.