The horticultural industries in Australia now have, for the first time, an understanding of the origins of PSTVd outbreaks that have been detected in Australia over recent years. Further, also for the first time, they have an understanding of the dynamics of PSTVd epidemics in the field, the sources of infection, how contact transmission occurs, how the survival and infectivity is affected by different material surfaces, how effective disinfestation can be undertaken, and what measures need to be taken at a national, state and industry level (e.g., protocols to ensue seed is free of PSTVd contamination) to minimise future spread the pathogen within Australia. The findings of this project have significantly advances Australia�s capacity safeguard its potato, tomato and other solanaceous plant-based industries. Highlighting of effective measures for disinfestation of contaminated materials enhances Australia�s border security while also securing the future of valuable horticultural exports from Australia.