Australia¡¦s vegetable industry and government have invested heavily in plant health and crop protection R&D. Therefore, a substantial volume of published R&D information has been produced for the vegetable industry. However, much of the information is not fully known or used by growers and their advisers. This project analysed this issue, and formulated a plan to improve growers¡¦ return from levy investment in this area. The study encompassed a situation and needs analysis of plant health and crop protection in the vegetable industry. This was done via a desktop study of available information, an economic investigation and a stakeholder consultation component. The project report describes and discusses issues, future opportunities, and requirements for vegetable plant heath RD&E. The key project output is the Plant Health and Crop Protection RD&E Investment Plan for Vegetables. It provides direction and strategies for a coordinated, cohesive approach that addresses current industry and RD&E positions with a focus on future needs through integration. Integration means that RD&E programs or projects incorporate: – Development/dissemination of plant health knowledge under consideration of vegetable production systems – Inclusion of aspects related to production, economics, marketing and decision making – Integration of technical disciplines and capacity required for the delivery of effective RD&E and – Integration of extension and evaluation throughout R&D activities and budgets. While integration is a focus, the Plan highlights the importance of considering regional issues and the diversity of the industry in RD&E program design and delivery. It stressed the need for major focus on effective extension and capacity building. The Plan also provides guidance on development and prioritisation of programs or projects, measurement and evaluation (M&E) needs and reporting. The project and the implementation of the RD&E Investment Plan are highly significant for industry. Effective plant health and crop protection is of great economic importance to vegetable producers. Safe use and minimising inputs of pesticides is of great interest to producers for OH&S, economic and sustainability reasons. Safe crop protection measures are also highly important for consumers who demand pesticide free, high quality and well presented vegetables.