The mission aimed to increase the overall knowledge of international trends and developments, giving the Australian potato industry the best opportunity to adopt best practices that could advance local growing procedures and increase the efficiency of the industry.

Participants were shown many leading farms and facilities throughout China, allowing them to see the similarities and differences in conditions between Australia and China. Participants on the 2015 Industry Leadership and Development Mission all gained a wealth of information that will enhance their domestic growing operations.

Following the mission growers took away new contacts, business partners and information to use within their own growing operations in Australia and share with the broader Australian potato sector. Being exposed to such a diverse group of growers and industry representatives enhances the Australian growers’ insights into the international world of potato production.

The World Potato Congress provided the Australian delegation with the opportunity to interact with world leaders within the potato industry, sharing knowledge and creating contacts to secure international partnerships at later dates. A majority of international contacts were based in the United States of America and discussed the scale of production which Australian growers found highly relevant and useful. The scale the Americans were talking about inspired the Australian delegation with ways they could upscale their own operations to become more competitive within the Australian market.