The purpose of VG09146 Vegetable Industry Development Program Consumers & Markets Subprogram was to enhance the provision of consumer and market information for vegetable growers and other industry participants engaged in the vegetable value chain. The primary objectives of the subprogram were to: – Inform vegetable growers how the vegetable markets work and the nature of the major impacts that influence commercial returns. – Package market information outputs so they can be understood and used by growers and their supporting stakeholders. – Demystify the gaps in vegetable market information so that growers can see that they can use market information to their advantage. The project completed the following key activities: – Developed a series of vegetable market data inputs that can be accessed on a regular basis. – Built an analysis capacity to combine and reconcile market data inputs and to track vegetable market characteristics and performance. – Developed a series of market information outputs that convey market settings, trends and conditions, and vegetable category level profiles, which can be understood and used by vegetable growers. – Used feedback from market information users to validate relevance and continue to improve the outputs provided. – Disseminated the program outputs through AUSVEG in all available communication formats and means. – Supported effective integration between the various subprograms of the VIDP. The key outcomes from the subprogram were the provision of significantly enhanced market information. As a result of this, growers and their supporting trading partners and vegetable market participants have better access to more accurate market information for business decision-making.