A diverse group of 22 industry members, including Vegetable IAC, Design Team, and Vegetable Technical Advisory Group representatives, attended the Congress on the vegetable industry’s behalf. Other members of the delegation included researcher Dr Len Tesoriero, industry agronomists, a student from the University of Queensland, HAL and AUSVEG representatives. Throughout the five-day Congress, the delegation attended approximately 150 separate symposia sessions, in addition to daily plenary speaker sessions – an impressive effort from the group. The group attended a diverse array of sessions – some more challenging than others – covering topics such as: • Pest & disease management • Consumer choice • Post-harvest and pre-harvest issues • Knowledge transfer methods in horticulture • Organic wastes • Nutrients • Sustainability and climate change • Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) • Energy use The delegation met daily at 7:45am, which allowed delegates to get to know each other and informally discuss new ideas and R&D concepts. These discussions, as well as group brainstorming after each seminar, were used to develop ideas from the seminars while allowing delegates to contribute their opinions and expertise. Networking with other industry professionals also proved to be beneficial for the delegation. Feedback from attendees was very positive overall. The International Horticultural Congress proved to be a spectacularly diverse, engaging and stimulating experience as illustrated by the feedback provided by delegates (see section 7.2).