Australia’s Vegetable Industry adopted a new Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) in March 2013. The SIP noted that the Vegetable Levy has not been invested in a manner that achieves optimal outcomes for the industry, nor has it been aligned with the recommended proportions of investment under the existing Vegvision 2020 business case. In order to ensure resources were in place to follow through with the adoption of new projects under the three strategic priority areas outlined in the new Vegetable Industry Strategic Investment Plan (SIP), a Vegetable R&D Program Implementation and Design Team Support (HAL) Officer (VG12038) was appointed within HAL. The HAL Implementation Officer worked closely with the HAL Industry Services Manager (Will Gordon) and the AUSVEG Implementation Officer – Design Team Co-ordinator to ensure the recommendations of the Design Teams were effectively and efficiently developed into specific R&D projects and then forwarded to the Vegetable Industry Advisory Committee (IAC) for endorsement and commissioning once endorsed. Key Outcomes: The key outcomes have been: • Adoption of resolutions from the Design Teams, working with AUSVEG to coordinate targeted tender processes. • A timely and targeted contracting process for new projects that align the priorities of the Vegetable SIP. • A more streamlined and simplified reporting process to the IAC explaining the resolutions of the Design Teams and updating them on implementation progress and challenges. • Issuing of tenders that suit the new objectives of the vegetable industry under the new Vegetable SIP. • Better communication and follow through for recommendations / resolutions made by Design Teams. • Increased adoption and implementation of project ideas and concepts at the Design Team level. With scoping studies across most pillar objectives and strategies complete, a critical next phase is Design Team prioritisation of recommendations.This will ensure the Vegetable R&D program is commissioned in alignment with the SIP.