VegNET NT Phase 2, VG19017, focused heavily on developing an innovation system extension strategy for the NT
vegetable industry that built on previous project work delivered. The extension strategy was developed into a 5-year
Regional Extension Plan (2020-2025) aimed at ensuring the resilience and development of the NT vegetable industry.

A Regional Extension Advisory Group (REAG) of 9 members, including the RDO, were pivotal in the development and
endorsement of the 2020-2025 Regional Extension Plan which identifies the 5 key focus areas:

  1. IPM
  2. Soil Health
  3. Water Efficiencies
  4. Biosecurity
  5. Protected Cropping.

These identified focus areas are critical to providing resilience, sustainability and further development of the NT vegetable industry. Underpinning this extension plan, in essence, is the key to attaining best practice change in the NT vegetable industry.