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PALM scheme recruitment application deadlines

Are you a Pacific Australia Labour Mobility (PALM)scheme employer? If you need workers to arrive in Australia in January 2023, recruitment applications must be submitted … Read more

Eyeing new tech to increase Varroa mite armoury

Lasers, artificial intelligence and gas sensors are among the potential solutions being considered in the fight against Varroa mite as part of new research delivered … Read more

Webinar recording: TPP and zebra chip

In this webinar recording on tomato potato psyllid (TPP) and zebra chip, DPIRD’s Dr Melinda Moir provides an overview of the National tomato potato psyllid … Read more

Case study: Irrigation monitoring in potato crops

A two-part case study from the Soil Wealth ICP project explains how the irrigation tool, IrriSAT, combined with soil moisture monitoring, provided important information to … Read more

Tryfor5 this National Nutrition Week

AUSVEG is a proud sponsor of Nutrition Australia’s Try for 5 campaign this National Nutrition Week (16-22 October 2022). Our health is our most important … Read more

Fact sheet: Potato bruising and management

Potato bruises develop due to impacts that either break the cells apart (shatter bruise) or rupture the cell membranes (blackspot). Shatter bruises appear as cracks … Read more