A ‘1800 Agronomist’ field-day event today brought together Werribee vegetable growers, leading researchers and industry representatives to tackle a disease affecting much of the local vegetable growing community. White blister, a fungal disease ravaging Victorian broccoli and cauliflower fields, has been known to devastate crops causing up to 100 per cent losses in some cases.

The ‘1800 Agronomist’ hotline (1800 247 666) is a ‘nurse on call’ for Australian vegetable growers, and is an industry funded initiative providing vegetable growers with free access to specialist agronomic advice.

“The field-day provided Werribee vegetable growers with an excellent opportunity to hear from White blister experts about the latest developments in the management of White Blister and the tools available to help combat this disease,” said Andrew White, AUSVEG Manager of Industry Development and Communications.

AUSVEG is Australia’s leading horticulture body representing 9,000 vegetable and potato growers.

Presenting at the ‘1800 Agronomist’ field-day, White blister expert Dr Elizabeth Minchinton, Department of Environment and Primary Industries, spoke to growers about the disease and the management approaches available to vegetable growers. 

“It was great to see the local vegetable growing community, DEPI and industry representatives pull together to work through an issue that is causing substantial problems for the hard-working growers of Werribee,” said Mr White. 

The field-day concluded with a field-walk led by ‘1800 Agronomist’ project leader, Mr Stephen Moore.

“Mr Moore leads a team of agronomists specialising in a range of areas from crop management, to nutrition, to soil health and much more. These agronomists are available to any Australian vegetable growers who need assistance, all it takes is a phone call to ‘1800 Agronomist’ and help is at hand,” said Mr White.

All vegetable levy paying growers can call the 1800 Agronomist hotline for free to speak with an agronomist about their on-farm issues. The hotline is especially valuable for growers who are seeking a second opinion from an agronomic specialist.

AUSVEG’s 1800 Agronomist hotline provides free specialist agronomic advice to vegetable growers around Australia, and growers are encouraged to call the hotline on 1800 247 666 for assistance.


MEDIA CONTACT: Andrew White, Manager of Industry Development and Communications, AUSVEG; Phone: (03) 9882 0277 Mobile: 0409 989 575 E-mail: andrew.white@ausveg.com.au