Providing Australian
consumers with more information about different potato varieties and their uses
would encourage them to buy more potatoes, according to the latest wave of
Potato Tracker research.
The industry-funded research, conducted by leading consumer research agency
Colmar Brunton, indicated that 46 per cent of consumers wanted more information
about the unique attributes of different potato varieties and recipe ideas to
enhance their flavor and nutritional value.
“Aussie consumers love their potatoes and are becoming more aware of the many
different varieties of spuds and the ways that they can benefit their overall
health and enhance the flavor of a meal,” said AUSVEG spokesperson Tom Cohen.
“Potatoes are consistently Australia’s most popular vegetable commodity, with
90 per cent of consumers purchasing potatoes in the last month. However,
consumers do want to know more about the potato products they are buying, and
have indicated that naming the potato variety would encourage them to purchase
even more potatoes.”
“There is an opportunity for Aussie potato growers and retailers to capitalise
on the consumers’ desire for more information on their potato products by
highlighting their unique attributes and optimal cooking styles.”
AUSVEG is the leading horticultural body representing Australia’s 2,000 potato
The Potato Tracker project also indicated that consumers are keenly aware of
reducing the amount of waste with potato products, with 52 per cent of
consumers believing that more information about the freshness of products would
reduce purchased potatoes going unused.
“The research detailed that the biggest barrier for consumers purchasing more
potatoes is that they buy enough to meet their needs, however, the research
also links this response to consumers’ concerns about creating more potato
waste,” said Mr Cohen.
“Potato growers and retailers can take advantage of this trend by offering
consumers with value-added products that provide consumers with best before
dates printed on product packaging and providing information on how to utilise
the whole potato to consumers.”
“The potato is a versatile and nutritious vegetable, and providing consumers
with more information about the different varieties and best methods for cooking
and storage could increase potato purchases and be beneficial to growers and
the wider industry.”
The Potato Tracker project is funded by Horticulture Innovation Australia using
the National Fresh Potato Levy and funds from the Australian Government.


Tom Cohen, Spokesperson – AUSVEG
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