Australian consumers’ love affair with beetroot continues, with shoppers saying its great taste and nutritional value are the main reasons they keep coming back to the summer classic.

New data from Project Harvest, a monthly survey tracking Australian vegetable consumption, shows that Australian consumers are buying almost a kilogram of beetroot three times a month, with the summer staple featuring strongly in weekday dinners.

“Beetroot has long been a mainstay of Australian burgers and soups, and this data proves that it remains a quintessentially Australian vegetable,” said AUSVEG spokesperson Andrew White.

“The Project Harvest survey has found that nearly 50 per cent of consumers use beetroot in modern Australian cuisine, and that 36 per cent of consumers use it in traditional Australian cuisine.”

“Beetroot’s impressive versatility also shines through in the data, with 16 per cent of Australians using it in salads and juices and 12 per cent of Australians enjoying it as a snack.”

AUSVEG is the leading horticultural body representing Australia’s 9,000 vegetable and potato growers.

“Australian consumers love the great taste and the health benefits of beetroot, and we’ve also found that beetroot is valued for its ability to add colour to a meal,” said Mr White.

“Many consumers look to beetroot as a way of adding variety to their vegetable intake, which is a great sign that Australians are willing to engage with a range of vegetables, not just the classics. We encourage everyone to grab something new, as well as their usual favourites, in their next shopping trip.”

The survey also found that consumers expect beetroot to have a lengthy shelf-life, with respondents expecting beetroot to stay fresh for over eleven days on average – an expectation that is usually met.

“Beetroot is seen by consumers as having a relatively long shelf-life,” said Mr White.

“It’s important that to get the most out of their beetroot, consumers should be keeping it refrigerated in a plastic bag. This extends the shelf-life of beetroot to up to two weeks.”

“Proper storage is also vital for all vegetables, ensuring that they stay fresh and taste great long after the point where they would otherwise need to be thrown out. This greatly reduces waste and ensures Australian consumers are getting the most value for money out of their vegetable purchases.”

This research has been funded by HAL using the National Vegetable Levy and matched funds from the Australian Government.

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